Open file in app without selecting it in explorer

Thanks for the great application. I bought it right after the first few key clicks in it.

Is it possible to set up Listary to allow user to open files in one of the few apps on his choice without selecting the file in explorer? The first thing is needed is to open a file in a text editor like this:

  1. Win+S
  2. type file name
  3. Right arrow (or any other shortcut key)
  4. Search or choose with UP and DOWN arrows a non-default app to open the file with (like text editor).

A customizable “Open with” menu is already on my to-do list.

In Windows you can set the standard application for certain file extensions. If you set this in Windows, listary will open the file in the standard application automatically.

In Windows you can set the standard application

Yes, you are right. But you don’t want to set the text editor as your default application for the script files like .bat and .py, do you?

There is an alternative, like notepad++ or the likes that you can install and set as standard text editor. Notepad is specilized for coders etc. It’s also free.

This might be a solution for the time being.

There is a really good alternative to NP++ called Sublime Text which I prefer, but it is beyond this topic.

Yes, but that app isn’t free either. For a free app notepad++ is pretty good. Your apps costs 70 dollars. You could however edit .bat files in notepad or notepad ++ not sure about the .py files

In fact it’s free too. Free version has “unregistered version” in the window title - that’s the only diff.

Right, will try it out. Thanks.