OneCommander integration

Hello! I have just found out from a user that you’ve added option to open in OneCommander in, thank you for that!
OneCommander already has own quickfilter by typing directly into a folder, but that includes only current folder.
If you are willing to add a tighter integration of invoking and searching from OC, I’ve added a short example how to use Windows Automation to get and set path

Basically using CurrentPathGet and CurrentPathSet automation elements


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Hey @OneCommanderDev, thanks for the sample code! I think we should have already been using the elements and they work great :wink:

  1. Within OneCommander, the user can press Ctrl twice to activate Listary, search and jump to a folder.

  2. Whenever the user needs to open/save a file, they can simply click the Listary toolbar to jump to the active folder in OneCommander. Our users really love this Quick Switch feature, which maintains their workflow fluidity when working between different applications.

Hi @Channing! That’s great, thank you for integrating it. I will announce it to the users in the next update.


Thank you for the OneCommander integration. Can you add “Type directly to search” for OneCommander? Although pressing Ctrl twice is okay, type directly is more convenient and skip a step.