>notepad.exe - notepad.exe is not found

In both x64 and x32 editions of Windows 8 the search all drives >notepad.exe fails to find notepad.exe in windows\system32 or windows. Also everything search fails too. It does find some files, just not any ending in exe.
I find notepad.exe.mui .

Could you please upload a screenshot of the search results?

Also please make sure there is no Disk Search Exclude entries in Listary Options - Search.

I’m happy to oblige, but I’m experiencing difficultly capturing a screenshot as it’s not acting like an ordinary scrolling window. Also how do I upload it?

  1. Search >notepad.exe in Listary and leave the result popup window there.
  2. Press Print screen on your keyborad.
  3. open imgur and press Ctrl + V directory on that website.
  4. Paste one of the generated links here.

I’ve tried that and more. Pressing any hotkey and the list goes and it’s not captured. Anyway here is the result.

Sightly annoying is when I press the combination of WIN+s listary comes up with and “s” in the search box, so then I have to backspace it to remove it and then put in my search for character this quickly becomes irritating when I need to do this repeatedly.

Hmmm, is there really a notepad.exe in system32 or windows folder?

Sightly annoying is when I press the combination of WIN+s

You do not need to press Win + S to bring up Listary. Just type what you need.

OK got a capture will upload.
Yes there is a notepad.exe in both system32 and windows.

Done the screenshots one of listary >notepad.exe and other of notepad.exe in system32. Please note there was no exclude folders. Also a similar problem occurs with (and I know it’s not your program but thought it interesting) everything search 1.3.1 and 1.2


Thanks for the screenshots. I’ll keep an eye on it.