No exclusions possible on b:\?

Floppy disks are, for me at least, a thing of the past. And Windows let me reassign A: and b: to any disk.

So I use a 128GB USB stick with small formfactor in my laptop as a permanent datastore with the driveletter b: assigned (NTS filesystem).

However, Listary Pro (5.00.2843) would not let me exclude folders on b:\ (i.e. b:\backup) for the index.

Is this a bug?


Try this:

  1. Open Listary Options - Index.
  2. Select B: under NTFS volumes.
  3. Click the 4th remove button under the list.

Hello Channing,

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I wanted to add for example the folder “b:\backup” to the exclusions list.
I guess the main problem is (was) that I did not realize that the b:\ drive, although it is a NTS formatted USB drive, does not appear under the list of NTS drives at all.

I have included it now with a Custom index location…
My problem is solved. But perhaps there is still the very minor issue why Listary does not recognice an NTFS disk at b:


Listary 6 will support removable devices automatically, both injecting and ejecting.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: