New Preview Pane - Listary beta 🌟

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This update primarily introduces a new preview pane in the file search window, along with continued optimizations in memory usage, stability, and UI. Additionally, a new feature for troubleshooting index issues has been added. If you encounter problems with certain files not being found, you can right-click on “Rebuild Index” under “Options” - “File Search” - “Index” to troubleshoot.

Key Updates

  • New: Added a preview pane to the file search window for easier browsing.

  • New: Introduced a new tutorial on how to open the file search window and launcher.

  • New: Added an index troubleshooting tool for fixing issues like missing files.

  • Improved: Drastically reduced memory usage during the index-building phase, cutting down peak memory use by about 70%, and enhanced overall performance.

  • Improved: Enhanced the responsiveness of displaying file search results.

  • Improved: Clicking the tray icon now reopens an already open file search window instead of opening a new one.

  • Improved: Programs opened with Listary no longer inherit environment variables.

  • Improved: Refined the UI of the file search window for a better user experience.

  • Improved: Strengthened the reliability of settings storage.

  • Fixed: Corrected some cases where high-priority rules were applied incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Resolved crashes caused by race conditions upon exiting Listary.

  • Fixed: Addressed various index-related crashes. (beta) Changes (2024/2/11):

  • Improved: Minor file search window UI tweak.
  • Fixed: Resolved a Pro license activation issue.

Finally decided to install v6 beta. So far so good. Love the File Search window. For the past few years I’ve been using Win+F11 for Listary, and Win+F12 for Everything. I feel like one day the new File Search window may replace Everything for me.

Hopefully there will be more customizable columns (Date Created etc), and perhaps an option to limit only 1 active File Search window.

With this beta, it’s my first time trying custom action even though I’ve been using Listary since v3… So I’m not actually sure how it works in previous versions.

What I’m trying to achieve: I want to search any scripts that I’ve made (batch file, python etc) and launch it through Listary’s action.

The Working directory field, according to the Docs :

If left blank, the default is the current directory.

But, when I tried running a python script through Listary’s search bar or the File Search window (not when file explorer is actively selected), python’s getcwd will return Listary’s path instead of the script’s location.

20240209 171332

"{action_path:parent}" seem to be what I need for the working directory, but that seem to be only usable in the Parameter’s field.

Is this a bug, or working as intended? or this part is not done yet in this beta?

This is a welcome update, thank you. Preview pane is handy but what i’m longing to see re-introduced is the pop-up window with Favorites, Recent, and Settings, just like the version 5 had.
Those three were a game changer and relied on it on daily bases but in this version it’s gone!
Please, can you bring them back? so when you click Ctrl twice pop-up appears with Favorites, Recent, and Settings.

Thank you.

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I agree with No_Plastic. The improvements in Listary are great. I love the preview pane. It is very quick to show the preview. No lagging at all. Word documents are not displayed. I hope this can be included in a future version.

I’m a Pro user and find this to be the most used program on my computer. Keep up the amazing work. It should be on every computer. If you haven’t got it, give it a try. I think many will be amazed at how useful it is.

Happy New (Chinese) Year

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Very good beta, thanks! compared to the, all the indexing bugs I had were solved; I shared with support that webdav-based shared folders were crashing during index, now it is fine. Improved search windows with preview is very nice and handy. thanks again!

Thanks for your support! “Customizable columns” is indeed in our plans.

The reason getcwd returns Listary’s path is because the working directory is determined by the Path field. Since the Path field provided only includes “python.exe” instead of a full path, Listary is unable to retrieve the parent folder, resulting in defaulting to Listary’s path.

Currently, the working directory does not accept parameters like “{action_path:parent}”. We plan to support this functionality in the future.

Thank you for your suggestion! We’ve received similar feedback from many users, and it’s already on our roadmap. Stay tuned for updates!

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Thank you so much, and Happy New Year! :tada: Currently, the preview pane is quite basic, but we plan to enable previews for more file formats in the future.

Glad to hear your issues are resolved! Thanks for the feedback!

This is a new feature here, it re-index after I install new version.

About 10 minutes to index, hoping that the slow search result bug is fixed.


Look like it still searching twice when you filtering. Is this intentional?

Click on filtering by Folder or File it will spin the searching icon again


I don’t see any search activities after changing the Filter by

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3155)
Listary Pro

The latest beta version is still buggy, utilizes a lot of RAM, and brings the listary search to a halt…

No such problems here with the actual beta

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3155)
Listary Pro