New beta version (4.02.1429)!

#####Download link

#####Change log

  • Huge performance improvements!
  • Many bug fixes.

Beta versions with some exciting new features are coming soon.

Thank you very much…Channing.

Curious about the new features…

I can confirm that it is considerable faster.

I hope the new features comprise the option to define the sort order of items

Searching is very fast and Everything comparable

Channing, why isn’t possible to use everything as a search engine? Is it possible to be able to search with everything on the next betas?


Listary no longer supports using Everything as a search engine for the following reasons:

  1. Performance. Everything is fast, however the interprocess communication between Listary and Everything is very inefficient. It is a bottleneck now.
  2. Memory usage. To provide you the best search results, Listary needs to fetch and process all the possible search results from Everything. This intermediary data is very memory consuming. It can take hundreds of MB ram if there are tens of thousands of search results (which is very usual if you just type a few letters).
  3. Features. Many existing and upcoming features of Listary can’t work with Everything because there is no way to extend the searching functionalities of Everything.

ok thanks for explaining, I liked the combination with Everything because I could use Everything’s advance sorting features.

If I may request a feature to implement: to sort results by run count, even from the first letter, thanks.


Listary already does that. If you open a file/folder several times, it will get a higher rank.

Sorry, but it doesn’t. At least it does but you have to type more than 4 letters. For example I have a folder
D:\My Docs\Software
that I have launched with listary more than 50 times. However when I start typing soft it shows almost all my folders in my C: drive that begin with “soft” except the one that I want. No matter how many times I launched the folder D:\My Docs\Software, the Microsoft’s SoftBlue will always be the first result on the list.



I get it. This will be improved in the next version.