Need the Ability to Search and Filter by Date

Listary is excellent overall. But the file search is a weak link in my view and I’d love it if you would improve it. Specifically, allowing the user to create and use filters based on dates would be extremely helpful. I get way too many search results currently and would like to be able to cut them down by date. Here are filters that would be helpful.

today: Files modified today
yesterday: Files modified yesterday
thisweek: Files modified this week
thismonth: …
lastweek: …

User-definable date filters would also be extremely useful. For example:

date1: Defined by the user as between 1 year and 90 days ago.
date2: Defined by the user as between 1 year and 3 years ago.

As others have mentioned, the ability to sort search results by date would be useful also.

Appreciate you considering these enhancements.

Thank you for your feedback. A similar feature has already been planned. Listary will be able to index modified date and filter search results based on it.

how about an option to filter by current directory, and filter by file extension too

  1. Listary always lists search results from the current directory first.
  2. You can filter by extension by simply appending something like " .docx" to your search query.