Multiple words search

Hello there, I bought Listary Pro hoping that I would get a good regex search. I can see that currently it works like:

= text containing pattern in the same order and length as components

e.g. Searching for: classic song returns strings resembling schubert classic song but not song classic schubert. and it does not return “classic theme” or “song of the yesteryear”.

Can you please implement this? I can help with this for granted if you want. Regards.

Thank you for your feedback.

Listary uses Google-like keyword search, so the order doesn’t matter. If you type “classic song”, you should be able to find “song classic schubert”. Please give it a try again.

The other feature that you want is to let Listary only match parts of the keywords. I need to consider this because in many cases it could provide so many unwanted results.

Hello there, thank you for your answer.

First part of my request is ok.

Second part, I don’t understand quite well if you given up that kind of displaying results or not… more so, I would like to share with you a scenario:

If an user has a very large number of files and he does not remember the naming criteria of what he uses, if he types all words that he remembers that are related with that name and has the bad luck to put the last one in a series of 3 he won’t see what he is looking for because the results will have to have all the words in the name… so it is not very useful.

I would suggest that the feature should be implemented and also, if the results would be too many, I think the order would be beneficial, meaning those who match the patter the less should be put at the end of the results but not missing…

I think the scenario I described would be very, very useful for many users… thank you again, please let me know your thoughts, regards.

I’ll definitely consider it and I think this feature should not be turned on directly. For example, when you type multiple keywords and Listary finds no result, Listary can show a default entry like “Search for more results using partial keywords matching”. And only after you press Enter, Listary will start to do the multi-keyword search you described above.

I agree with Channing. I wouldn’t mind as long as it’s not turned on directly.

Thank you for your understanding and willingness to help. If it would not be turned on directly only after a selection is that new option “Search for more results using …” sticky, meaning can be left there for the searches to follow?

May I please ask for your opinion that, if somebody searches for multiple keywords, what will happen if the result is multiple files?.. has he the possibility to choose to run/select multiple files on that search result or is launching/selecting only one result?..

In the case of being able to select only one result, and if you find the feature of searching on partial keywords useful (again, MANY THANKS), would the result bother any people who are searching for full keywords if the partial matching results will be at the end of the list? meaning, if this kind of search should be turn on by default or it can be a configuration menu item?

Please let me know your thoughts, thank you again, regards.

would the result bother any people who are searching for full keywords if the partial matching results will be at the end of the list?

It would bother me, because it makes scrolling within fully matching results circularly impossible. So I would like this feature not to be turned on directly.

Multi-selection is on my to-do with a low priority. I’ll work on it after finishing other major features.

I think it may indeed bother some people. For example, currently Listary shows results from the current folder first, then results from other folders. But many users ask me to add a feature to let Listary only show results from the current folder, even though these results are already shown on top!