Multi-monitor setup - won't open on active monitor

I have 2 monitors. I open listary up on monitor 1 and open an app.

Later, if I am working on monitor 2, when I do the hotkey to open Listary, it will open up on monitor 1 again.

No matter what monitor I am working on, Listary opens up on the monitor I physically moved it to. I can see how some people would prefer this, but I’m hoping this is a setting I can toggle. I’d like it to always appear on the monitor that has the current active window. Is that something I can do?

Having to look away from where I’m at to use the app isn’t ideal when I’m not on that monitor (or physically moving it to whatever monitor I am on every time I have to use it).

By default, Listary shows up on the active monitor. However if you’ve changed its position manually, it will always respect your own setting. I’ll try to make this rule more flexible in the next version.

Ah ok. I did move it manually because by default, the position of it was making the suggestions list popup above the input field instead of below and that was bothering me.

It would be nice to let the app know “I’ve positioned this in a relative position for ALL monitors. Keep showing up on the active monitor, but do it in this position on that monitor”