Multi labels and Search rules


In v.5 was function to assign label to any object. Labels very useful and I do not see it on L6.

Multilabels would be very veery useful - it’s irreplacable feature for users with multiple languages. It’s annoying when you type “сркщьу” instead of “chrome” and Vice versa.
Also labels add alternative names for same links and make possible to categorize them.

Same thing with search rules. Adding alternative keywords (e.g. youtube) ‘yt’, ‘не’, ‘ют’ for searching EN and other languages without changing keyboard layout.

I think that is not hard to implement and make using much enjoyable.

Do you mean adding keywords for files/apps? It will be added back soon.

Yes, but multiple labels for 1 file. Assign to Telegram labels “tg, msg, тг” and find it by typing any of labels.

And same with search engine. Assign to youtube multiple search prefixes “yt, ют”

@Channing when will we have the next update?

I’m not sure. I don’t have much time on Listary recently, but I’m still working on it whenever I can.