Move to and other Pro stuff

Hello, here I am with my Pro version. And I’m quite confused. There are some features announced and not there or I miss something? As documentation is not very up to date, it’s difficult to know if it is an announcement or an already working feature.

  1. themes - OK, I understand reading this forum it won’t happen quickly
  2. Move to folder. Is it implemented ? If yes, how does it work ? When I run Action, I don’t have any Move to.
  3. Set keywords for folders. How does it work ?
  4. Favorite folders ?
  5. Trigger Open with ?

Searching for documentation is quite frustrating. I hope a real documentation page will be created.

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For the question 4, you can double click your mouse left key in your desk or windows explore, and then will show a new card just like this:

You can in listary settings to add your favorite folders into this section to make it is easy to open.

Thanks. Well, it works only in Windows Explorer (not the desk) and I don’t use it as I work with XYPlorer. Too bad.

In settings you can also set a shortcut key to call this card.

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And also cloud set where would response the double click mouse left key to call this card.

But what is the name of it ? Where can I find some documentation to achieve this ?

OK, I reply to myself : you don’t need to create some actions. It’s an option in Shortcuts.

You can set Favorites under Features / Menu
and set XYplorer as file manager under General / Open folder with

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Thanks for the Menu tip - I did not understand the use. And XYplorer as Open With was my first setting :sweat_smile:

I wonder if there is a solution to list the files in the directories in this Menu in particular order as it’s only alphabetical by default.

For this, you can set at here:

The pic is chinese UI, but maybe you can find at the same pos in your listary.In this pic, the 弹出菜单 is that the favorite card.
And you can set a shrotcut at here to call the card at anywhere:

The shortcut named 显示弹出菜单 is the shortcut to call the favorite card.

For this question:

Listary is can’t do that now.Others users have a solution is to use a software named Everything as a better way to sort files.

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I am testing Fluent Search and it can show by order by default. So I may work with the two in parallel. Thanks for your help.

Hello. I don’t see any response to this point, and I think it is very important for me also.
Thanks for any clarification.