Mouse down -vs- Click

When you find something, for example, a shortcut, and press mouse down to any of the items of context menu - it will react.
It works with SINGLE MOUSE DOWN, even if user will move cursor to another area (trying to cancel).
This behavior is wrong.
It should react on click mouse down + mouse up, where mouse up should be on that same item of the list.
That’s how it works everywhere in software world.
Reaction to mouse down - it’s a very bad practice.
Why? Because user can press mouse by mistake… and if he will realize in a moment, that he doesn’t want to launch context item, he will lead cursor to another area and release the mouse left button, doing “Cancel”.

I didn’t design it that way intentionally. It’s the default behavior of the UI framework I used. Since I’m changing the UI framework in the new version, this issue may get “fixed” automatically.