Middle-click in Firefox browser window calls up Listary: Not Solved

I accidentally clicked “Accept” on a comment by Channing, implying that the bug was solved. It hasn’t been.

When I middle-click in the main Firefox application window (NOT - I repeat NOT a Firefox dialogue box), Listary pops up and the Firefox middle-click functions (auto-scroll and - on a link - open in new tab) don’t work.

Hello Lestrad,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience of the unexpected popup of Listary menu. I’ll fix this in the new version.

I’m still having this problem. Is there no way to keep it from happening? It’s very inconvenient in FireFox because I can’t open a link in a new tab. I’ve even disabled FireFox, and it still happens.
I love Listary, by the way. I hate add-ons, but I find it indispensable.

Hello Lestrad,

Please give the latest beta version a try: http://www.listary.com/listary4-beta