Menu profiles and .lnk folder shortcuts in menu's

In the 3 below mentioned requests, I refer to “menus”. With this I mean the menu that is found in the Listary options under “Menus” with the red hart icon.

Could it be made possible to have different profiles for the menus.
Now you can only have one menu which contains your favourites, applications, commands…
But with profiles you could have different menu’s. Profiles switching could be done in different ways. I do not what the most effective way could be, but you could for example have set menuitem in menus which contains all the profiles?

Could it be made possible for folder links (.lnk) to resolve as actual folders in menus. For example I have a folder called “project a”
The menu has “project a” as an menu item, so when the user middle clicks mouse on desktop the menu pop’s up and when the user hovers over “project a” all the the folder links (.lnk) now also open op when hovering over them (just like normal folder). This would make it possible to have different locations in one folder.

Could it be made possible to have the option to “open” (fly-out) a folder item in the menu when you left click on it (in stead of automatically). If you actually want to open a menu item it could be done by double clicking on it. This makes navigating through the menu a bit more fluent because when you hover over a folder item which has many items (files/folders/…) in it, it stutters a little when trying to quickly move to another menu item. Maybe this also could render the menu even faster?


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Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. You can use submenus to organize different kinds of items. I think opening submenus is easier than switching profiles.
  2. This could be useful. I’ll add it to my to-do.
  3. You will see some performance boosts here in the new version so there will be no need to disable the automatic expansion.

I really hope you could reconsider making the 3th request (auto-expsansion-menu-item) optional.
Leave it “on” as default, but give the user the option to turn it off. It’s not only the performance part. It is also (very) distracting when moving the mouse to the desired menu item, the menu constantly having to render the contents of each menu-item (especially when folders have a lot of content in them).

Also when hovering over an menu-item which has a lot of content and then moving to another root-menu item the contents of the previously menu-items are still shown and it takes a little while before it shows the correct contents (lagging). This is also distracting.

As an alternative you could consider a delay-time before actually rendering the subfmenu(folder)-items. Or if the user moves mouse over the “>” then immediately render sub-items.

Thank you for the reply.

I’ve made some changes in Listary 6. Let’s check how they works in real life and then decide.