Menu Command to add folder/path as exclusion?

It’d be handy when highlighting a folder after doing a search, being able to hit the right arrow key and choose an “add this path as search exclusion” command, which will do as it suggests, so that it’s faster and more convenient than always having to remember the path, choose options, then the exclusions area, and manually type it all in. =)

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Sounds useful. I’ll add it to my to-do list.

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this sounds like a useful feature to me also.

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Bump. I was about to suggest this, too. Also I have to say that the current “exclude folder” dialog is not very useful, as it doesn’t use the win7/8 dialog where you can paste the path directly, and you have to slowly traverse the path from root.

Bump, came here to add this request

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Just an additional note here: please don’t just let the user add the whole path to the exclusion list, but instead let them select which part to add.

e.g. if there is a file in my search results:

I don’t just want to add that full path to my ignore… instead I’d probably want to choose to add “C:\Windows\System32” instead.

So allowing the user to ignore any of the leading paths would be great: