Match folder names when searching for files

Sometimes searching by just file name results in too many matches. It would be great if I can put in the name of the folder along with the file name to reduce the results.
So if the entered text matches parts of the file or parts of the folder name in its path, they should be prioritized higher.

E.g. if the name of the file is notification preferences.xls and i have multiple files that match. But i know I want to open the file in the folder 2018 then i would enter the text “2018 notification” and the above file should be prioritized above others.

I realize I can create a project and use the project name but in my case I would have to create too many projects.

Would appreciate if you can consider the above request.

Hi, you can type 2018\ notification or notification 2018\.

Check this link for more info:

Thank you. This is awesome. I missed that feature when I reading through your features.