Mark end of word (or end of phrase to search)

I’ve search very deeply on a forum about this and can’t find, so I start new topic.

It’s about search something which have more signs than search word…

Listary search box: kernel32.dll
Results: kernel32.dll (many places)
And: kernel32.dll.mui

I don’t want to see *.mui files :frowning:

So is there some sign to mark that is end of search, for example:
Search: kernel32.dll**$** (something like regexp)
Or any other way to narrow count of results.

Regards! :slight_smile:
Michael (pro user)

That’s one of the many reasons why I switched to Everything.
Here I type one of the following to get your expected results:
kernel32.dll ext:dll

I see…
Unfortunately for me that two solutions still shows kernel32.dll.mui and others extensions of extensions :slight_smile:

Then you don’t use Everything or have some wrong config of it.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1992)
Everything (x64), Everything Toolbar 1.1.1
Listary Pro

Oh, sorry, yes, on Everything it works fine, and many others features, but I want that in Listary :slight_smile:

Then you are currently out of luck even with the Pro version.
Even I have a life-time license, I only use Listary’s quick switch
and the quick jump to folders in several file managers.

All search functions are so much better in Everything 1.5.
Unfortunately, Listary will never reach that level.