Mapped network location issue - Exclamation mark against available network locations

I have an issue where Listary is set to start automatically and all of my favourite locations on mapped network drives are marked as unavailable (the exclamation mark icon is shown against them all). This causes Listary to not be able to jump to mapped network locations from within open and save dialog boxes.

I have found the reason and the solution but there should be a code fix implememted to avoid this.

The reason, I believe is because Listary is started before the mapping of the network drives.

The solution is simply to restart Listary after the computer has been fully booted and logged in.

While the solution is very simple, It’s not ideal. I believe there should be a code fix to prevent this from happening.

Thanks and kind regards.


I’ve stepped upon this issue a few times when using both Listary and other programs. I’m not very sure if there is an elegant solution. I’ll try to fix it in the next version.