Make New Folder: Folder and subfolder

I thought this was a feature Listary already had, which is a large reason as to why I bought it. It’s still great, my daily used app, don’t regret purchase at all.

What I’d like to be about to do is with the New Folder command, create, i.e.

Show Name\S1

with a single command. Thank you in advance.

I don’t see why I should create folders or sub-folders in Listary.
I do that with my file manager after switching to the basic path using Listary.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.608)
Everything (x64)
TC 10.52 RC1 x64 / x86
Listary Pro

Well I’m using the new folder command built into Listary so I thought maybe there was a way to stack it. As of now, I’m doing for example nf Show Name (wait for folder to be created) then type into listary fd Show Name (my created shortcut - which opens the folder) then nf S1 (my created shortcut to create a folder - S1), wait for its creation then fd S1 to open that using Listary. I was hoping there was a way to just type nf Show Name\S1 and have it create both at once. I’m aware I could do it in Windows itself. I do appreciate your answering my question.