Make Listary work with same instance of MultiCommander?

I have recently started using the free file manager Multi Commander (aka MultiCommander) (, an excellent program.

In its Core Settings (options) > Layout > System, I checked “Allow only a single instance of Multi Commander”, otherwise I would end up with many instances of MC taking up lots of memory. My problem is that Listary is able to open MC in a new instance, but not in a single instance, as I hoped. When I select a Favorite in Listary and its popup closes, the MC window flickers slightly but does not change directory.

Listary works as it should in Windows File Exporer, with the pane changing instead of opening a fresh instance of the app.

I set MC as my default file manager in Listary, also adding MC to the compatibility list and checking Is File Manager, but still no success. Is the fault on Listary’s side or MC’s side?

Using Listary Pro 3.51.858

Thanks for any help here.


I just tested it, it seems that Multi Commander’s command line parameters are not compatible with the “Allow only a single instance of Multi Commander” setting.

However I can fix this on Listary’s side. I’ll add Multi Commander support in the next version.

You can also try to contact the developer of Multi Commander to get a fix.

That’s great! Big thanks.

The question has been asked in the Multi Commander forum (,738.0.html) but so far their logic eludes me. I will post here again if I see a clear way to do it.


I read the post, it seems /OPEN works. Please change the Paramater of Default File Manager setting in Listary to /OPEN "%1"

Ah, that works! Thank you so much. Important to include the starting forward slash (/) here!

The only problem left is that the new pane opens in true Commander style, i.e., with no folder tree pane (I always have this showing, so have to press Alt+NumPad * each time the pane changes). I’m sure there must be an extra switch or a permanent setting to accomplish this in MC. If I find it I will post here. I will ask it on the MC forum but maybe someone here knows the answer…