Make Listary Ignore USB Flash Drives

I find that Listary can cause me problems with USB flash drives when making USB bootable media.
I get the message that the drive is in use and I have to exit out of Listary in order to continue.

I don’t need Listary to access USB flash drives or any other removable drive.

How can I get Listary to ignore them?
Is there a setting for it?

if you use listary 5, you can make it in “Options > index > Exclude a drive or folder”

Thanks for that, but I’m using Listary 6.

Listary 6 is also allow users to do that. Just follow the picture.

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Thank you.
I’ll try that.
As long as the USB flash drive letter doesn’t change, that method should work.

To prevent the changing of the USB drive letter
use a tool like USBDLM