Low quality of file search results


First of all, thank you for the free version of Listary!

I have recently updated to the latest version ( from a version with the old UI. After the update, the quality of file search results dropped dramatically.

What I have tried but hasn’t helped:

  • I have added folders that worked previously but now don’t work to high priorities, e.g., %USERPROFILE%\Documents\GitHub and %USERPROFILE%\Google Drive, and clicked “Apply.”
  • I have also added these paths as absolute paths, e.g., C:\Users\emka\Google Drive
  • I clicked “Rebuild Index.” It says, “Indexing completed successfully” after only a few seconds.
  • I rebooted my PC a few times.

Could you please tell me if there is anything else I could try to resolve it?

Here is a screenshot of my “Priorities.”

Thank you!