Lost settings/preferences

I find that occasionally (perhaps once a month) when I boot my desktop I am told that Listrary needs configuring and when I check I find that I have lost my settings and have to re-configure.

I now backup my settings so that I can restore them if necessary (as I have just had to do)

I shouldn’t have to do this. Can someone please help me?

I am running Windows 10 V20H2 (OS Build 19042.804), 32 GB RAM
Listrary 5.00.2483

I don’t know what other information might help


Hmmm.So are using the latest stable version, have you done the backup correctly according to what it says here?

I have not had any problem with Listary related to your case, because I am using the latest beta version. So you have two options, reinstall Listary or use the beta version.

…or continue to restore the backup every month :weary:

Thanks for your comment Diego_F.

I’m using version 5.00.2843, which I’m told is the most recent version.

And I’ve just had to restore my settings again. One thing I forgot to do was to do a comparison to try and find our which file had been lost/modified (ie which contained the configuration settings). Does anyone know which it is? I’d like to write-protect it, perhaps that would save me from having to restore from backup (again)

I see. As mentioned on the page I indicated, the Listary settings are stored in the UserData folder located in C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserData.

So you would have to write-protect that folder or instead the Preferences.json file located in the same folder; after a clean install of the version you are using, the Preferences.json file has a size of 0 KB and after doing some configurations in Listary, that same file increases its size.

As you said, maybe that will help.