Lnk Files set to "Run as Administrator" are started normal

If have a directory configured as Favorite Folder
which contains lnk files to start tools which must be run as Administrator.
For this reason the lnk files have this set in their advanced properties.
If I open this dir from Listary pop-up and start an lnk from it
the tool is not started as Administrator but with normal rights.
All other File managers and tools honor this lnk property and start the tool as Admnistrator.

Do you mean that if you open a result folder of Listary in Explorer, a lnk file in it can’t be started correctly with “run as admin”?

Its not a result folder its a Favorite Folder entry from the Listary menu.
And I don’t need the Explorer context menu of such an entry
because the lnk properties are set to "Run as Administrator"
But Listary starts such links with normal rights.

Do you open the lnk file in Listary directly (via the auto-expanding menu) or open the folder in Explorer first, then open the lnk there?

Directly, via the auto-expanding menu