Lists sort order

I Don’t understand what is the sort order of the list when searching. Can we change the sort order?


The results are sorted by many factors. Could you please give some reasons or examples why you want to change it?

For example, I usually use sort order in file managers by date modified (newest first). It would be great the sort order to be configurable.

For example if I search a particular extension usually I get the files apparently ordered by the name ascending.

I’m sorry that this can’t be done with the current version :frowning:

List sort order is a feature I’d appreciate as well. But unlike OP, I’d like it to match, if possible, that of the Explorer Window’s search order.

Here’s what happened to me. I was searching a folder with lots (hundreds) of files to delete some (~30 files) which are bunched in groups. So the plan was to search for a string that matches those files. pick the first one in Listary and then shift-click the last one in the group to select the range, hit delete and I’m done.

Listary’s first match was some file in the middle of the bunch. The Explorer window was sorted by file name.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll think about it in more details.


It was the first thing I looked for, the ability to sort by modified date.
I have many version of a same file and to be sure to open the very last one is very important.

Best regards.

Hi, a similar feature is already on the plan.

Hello! Such feature will be much appreciated. In my case I would like to sort items in the list by “popularity” if that makes sense. Meaning the most frequently accessed items should appear on top of other less-favored ones.