Listery no longer appears by pressing the CTRL key twice

I used two monitors until recently. A curved 49 inch and a 27 inch second monitor. Now the 49 inch monitor is broken. Currently I only use the 27 inch monitor. The result is that Listery no longer appears by pressing the CTRL key twice, which is activated in the settings. I suspect that Listery still has the mass of the 49 inch stored and therefore appears outside the 27 inch screen. Can anyone help me to reset the mass? Thanks in advance for help.

Regards, Ryma

Maybe it can be fixed by adjusting the coordinates in the

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If you mean the following values, then no. They are reset every time I change them.

“General.LauncherPositionX”: 2807,
“General.LauncherPositionY”: 348,
“Hotkey.ShowListary”: 844,
“Hotkey.ShowPopupMenu”: 323,

Did it. My way: Set all values to zero. When asked if Listary is allowed to overwrite the values, deny.

“General.LauncherPositionX”: 0,
“General.LauncherPositionY”: 0,
“Hotkey.ShowListary”: 0,
“Hotkey.ShowPopupMenu”: 0,

Restart and the Listary input field will be placed on the top left. Now move it to the desired location and good to go.

Thanks for the help.