ListaryHelper64 consuming a lot of resources

Beginning yesterday afternoon 7-20-2015 ListaryHelper64 began running “hard” on my WIndows 8.1 laptop. It’s taking up quite a lot of resources on my Quadcore i-7. Today ListaryHelper64 is still running and consuming enough resources to make the fan run non-stop. I quit Listary via Exit. ListaryHelper64 did not quit. Using ProcessExplorer I force quit ListaryHelper64. The resource drain stopped and the fan shut off after several seconds. I restarted Listary. ListaryHelper64 also restarted, but it is now consuming 0% of CPU time. I’m on version 4.23.1728. (I was in Listary Options yesterday. I viewed the Index tab, but did not request a re-index or make any changes there.)

Any ideas?

Did you install some applications recently? If you uncheck “Start Listary when Windows starts” in Listary Options - General, and start Listary manually instead, do you still encounter this issue?

You can also try this:

  1. Uncheck “Start Listary when Windows starts” and exit Listary.
  2. Download and run the portable version.
  3. Check “Start Listary when Windows starts” in the portable version.
  4. Reboot and see if the bug still exists.

I will try your suggestions. Oddly I did not get an email when you posted.

Anyhow, I came back here because it happened again today. The exact sequence was:

  1. search for something - took a few tries
  2. click the found .jpg. It displays.
  3. I wanted to edit the .jpg so I searched again and right-clicked it to see if I could choose “open with”.
  4. this put Listary into an endless loop. fan started running. offending program was ListaryHelper64.
  5. quit everything including listary service and, of course, that stops the runaway code.

Haven’t rebooted or restarted yet.

Based on the new information you provided, you don’t need to try the suggestions in my original reply.

This issue is most likely triggered by a buggy shell extension. If you right click the .jpg file in Explorer directly without Listary, what happens? Can you post a screenshot of the popup context menu?

If I right click OR if I use the right arrow key (to get your menu where I can choose to ‘show folder’) BOTH actions throw ListaryHelper64 into “mad mode”.

If I “Kill” ListaryHelper64 then I can use right-arrow and get your menu. Right-click also gets your menu. But, of course, I have to use Alt-X to get to Listary and not just on demand by typing.

Right-clicking on the file in Directory Opus gets this menu.

I do have Classic Shell v 4.2.1 installed, which has been there probably only a couple of months.
(and I’m a Listary Pro customer).

Thanks for the information. I’ll test it.

This happened again today. Same symptoms. HOWEVER, later on I used Directory Opus to search for a file which it found. I right clicked on the file to see its location and it hung up just like Listary (albeit without the processor running wild). If Listary is using DOpus for it’s searches maybe the problem is actual Dopus.

I believe the bug lies in a third-party right-click menu entry which both DOpus and Listary need to look up when you right-click a specific file.

Good call. I use a nice little program called PhotoSync to transfer graphics files between my iPhone and my computer. This has a right-click menu item (and the software also had a recent update). I disabled this feature and now both Listary and Dopus work correctly again.

In case other uses are having this problem, here is where to find that option:

Try start8/10. It’s more stable and costs almost nothing.
I run it next to listary and have no problems at all.

Start8/10 would be a replacement for Classic Start Menu, which I also use. It’s not causing any problems. The conflict was with Photosync. I don’t see where Start8/10 does any file transfer to an iPhone. Did I miss something? It does look like a nice Start program.

Why do you run such an old 4.x Listary version ?
I’m currently on 5.00.2664
Also Classic Shell is actual at version 4.3.1