Listary5 (portable) under Windows 10

Hi there,

let me first say thank you for your great work!!

To my concern:
Since I’m working several computers at home (wife, kid, my own) I’m sort of traveling with “my” settings from one computer to the next; insert stick, subst folders on stick to standard drive letters and go. Under windows 10 this still works, but listary 5 portable does not start at all neither as standard user nor as administrator.
Moving the entire Listary-folder from H:\Tools\Listary (being substed on stick) to C:\Tools\Listary everything works like a charm. Still it does not support my “mobility” concept in having to put it on each computer instead of caring for only one application on my “master system” / stick.

Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

Hi D.B.H,

Simply launch Listary from your stick folder directly instead of launching it from the substed folder.


thanks for the prompt reply.

Oh, that is such an obvious solution that it didn’t occur to me. Sorry.
I guess I didn’t come around to it because I liked the idea of having all these programs being started from the same “drive”.
Anyway, thank again!