Listary works in AutoCAD 2018 but not in 2019

I was happy, that Listary was accessible in AutoCAD 2017 and 2018. Before that it was not. And, sadly, in 2019 it doesn´t work again. I think, AutoDESK has changed its interface again. Are you working on this topic? Does anyone have Listary working with AutoCAD 2019?

Hi. I’m using AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 and Listary works fine.

Hi, the problem sat as usable in front of the monitor: downloaded and installed the recent version of listary and all is working fine! Did you know the very timesaving functionality of Listary in connection with Directory Opus? With a filedialog open you can search parallel a folder in Directory Opus and then go back to dhe filedialog inside a program (AutoCAD etc.) and the folder pointed in in Directory Opus is now visible in the filedialog in AutoCAD. I hope that you can understand what I mean (I´m german). May be, that it works with other file managers too.

Thanks. I will definitely check it out.

Hi, does the latest version of Listary work with your AutoCAD 2019 now?

Yes, it does work perfectly now. I only had to install the newest version of Listary.

I can understand your concern and yes AutoDESK has changed its interface. As Autodesk has updated versions and add good features in it.

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