Listary toolbar within the popup menu

Could you implement the following: Listary toolbar within the popup menu?
Normally the the popupmenu could look like this

[application 1]
[application 2]
[application 3]

[command 1]
[command 2]

[folder 1]
[folder 2]

Bot now add ontop the listary toolbar in which the user start’s typing and results are filtered down.

[…listary toolbar inputfield…]

[application 1]
[application 2]


so now one keyboard shortcut could open the popup menu have both options open

  • listary toolbar
  • popupmenu

the down arrow key would navigate up and down but now with the listary toolbar

If you prefer keyboard, you can just press Ctrl twice to activate Listary search bar. All the entries on the popup menu are searchable and can be accessed via the search bar easily.