Listary toolbar over the top


sometimes the Listary toolbar is on top over all.
Is there anything I can do to stop it?

The toolbar is a topmost window. It’s very tricky to make it second-topmost. I’ll see what I can do.

Please don’t alter anything in the code concerning topmost so that others will have problems.

In preferences—app settings—Klik + to add your application—Toolbar Position you can set the offset per application. This way you can position the bar in a position you want it to be.Say under the list.

Wich application are you using?

App-Settings don’t work for me. I have test it with Notepad++.

see my GIF animation

That is correct!
You see the 5-5? There you can put a number to shift to left and further down the bottom. So if you put say -30 in the last 5 then it should drop 30 pixels down.

is for moving the bar to a certian position

The last 5 means 5 pixels from the bottom, so if you increase the number, it should go down quite a bit.
Just try some numbers and see what happen.
You should check from the bottom!

  • is going up - is going down.

Try it, it should work.

I also have Notepad++ and check and report back.

EDIT: I just checked and I don’t have a search bar under the save as dialog in Notepad ++.
I’ll update to the latest version and report back.


I just updated to version 7.5.1 64 bit and I don’t have a Listary searchbar under the save as dialog screen.

As you can see in the screenshot, there is no searchbar in Notepad++ 7.5.1.

the same with: C:\Windows\notepad.exe - no toolbar

Problem solved then?


I just want the toolbar to be displayed at the same level as dialog boxes.
And it should be under the dialog box, not under the list.

I found out that mine is actually going up! Via windows 10 search and start notepad ++ will activate the Listary search bar!

Have a look at my screenshot:

I just want the toolbar to be displayed at the same level as dialog boxes.

It should never be uncoupled from the dialog box

Have a look at my other post. My list is going up.
I don’t have your problem.