Listary toolbar not always available


Thanks for the software! It’s great, but I have one wish:
Currently the toolbar only appears if the active application is supported (or if you are in a file dialog). Otherwise, the toolbar hotkey will bring up the popup menu instead.
This is very inconvenient, especially for file shortcuts. If I’m in a supported application (let’s say Windows Explorer), I type the toolbar hotkey, then using the keyboard I can search for a file to open. If I’m in an unsupported app (IE for example), I can’t use the keyboard to look for my file, because the popup will appear instead of the toolbar.
Since the results are the same (the file will be opened by the associated application), it would be very handy to have the same behavior whether you are in a supported application or not.
If you are in an unsupported application and you are launching a folder, not a file, then it could be opened with the default application (Windows Explorer) in a new window.

Thank you,

Hello George,

Thank you very much for the suggestion!

I’m planing to make the following changes to the new version of Listary: If you try to activate Listary using the hotkey in a not supported application, the toolbar will always show up, and it’s not attached to any window, it will be in the middle of your screen.

this is probably due to application launched at higher level (administrator) while listary is launched and normal user, so it can’t catch or interact with that software… there is a solution I posted few minutes ago for a similar issue here on the forum.