Listary to launch exe with old ENV variables

How to reproduce
Windows 7 Pro
Listary 5.00.2843

  • Launch Listary
  • Add a new environment variable a given program can see
  • Use listary to find the exe and launch the program
  • The program is still launched without this Env Variable visibility despite the fact that it appears as a child process of explorer (not listary)

If you launch the program from the exe manually, the env variable is now found.

is it intended ?
This is misleading when doing intense usage of env variable and listary.
Just spent 1 full day to figure out the issue.

Hi, Listary uses the default Windows behavior here and doesn’t do any special processing. You may need to restart Listary to use any new EnvVars. This is the same behavior when you launch the exe from Command Prompt.

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ok so this is intended. Just in my case it causes a difficult to diagnose issue while executing programs with listary.
Relaunching the program is working yes.

No, its not intended, but its the normal behaviour of programs under Windows.

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