Listary support team not responding

Hi. I tried contacting the Listary support team with a pre-sales question. I have been using Listary on my work laptop and like the product. I want to purchase it but have a pre-sales inquiry. I tried the contact form and then I tried the email address. Bith time, I got no reply back. Therefore, I am still stuck using the “free” version. Could someone please tell me how I can get in touch with someone from Listary in order to get my question sorted so I can purchase the product?

I wouldn’t recommend buying the software at this point. Last reply from the author was on 9th April 2020.

Regardless of some postings in this forum
Listary is a dead product with no support at all.
Try a free tool like Everything and its toolbar and you can do more than Listary ever had.
There are no function in Listary which is not available for free with other tools.
I have a life-time license of Listary but it is from the times Listary was actively developed.

I am wondering which software can do the ctrl + G function?

I use Everything but I can see no way in the software to make shortcuts with keywords, no way to bring it up with double pressing ctrl button, no way to have it display in just a tiny bar on my screen and list out the files as I type, list the programs from my start menu or even settings from my WIndows setting menus. What I mean to say is I do not see the same level of ease or integration built into Everything. Having to install a multitude of tools to get all this functionality will a) be difficult and b) defeat the purpose as in the end I will have a bunch of memory hogs, will have to use a bunch of shortcuts to pull up each one and the simplicity of this solution will be lost.

Although Everything is a wonderful tool in it’s own right and I adore it to bits, it isn’t the same as Listary at all.

In my opinion, that is.

The QuickSwitch tool supports a similar function.
It currently supports Windows Explorer, Total Commander and XYplorer as File managers.

Isn’t QS dependent on AutoHotKey?

Yes, but you can get a compiled version if you want.

I think might be a good match for us listary users. Although it’s not quite yet there. Read the blogs, try the beta watch the videos if it’s matching you requirements.

I also recommend

I’ve tried many other similar apps, including Microsoft PowerToys Run, and haven’t been able to find anything as functional and polished as The author is also very actively developing FluentSearch to implement features found in Listary.

Up until now I’ve been using Listary 6 Beta, as that is stable enough, but will soon switch to FluentSearch.

It’s sad that Listary’s development has stalled though. Listary was ahead of its time in my opinion.