Listary should not return foucs to the last window on a command which opens another window

When I do some actions to open a new program/window, Listary often grabs back the focus. That is:

  • Run a .exe file on an explorer, or type a command to search something on the browser
  • Then Listary “grabs”, or returns, the window focus to the window from which Listary is triggered, at once
  • A new program starts normally, but its window is not focused automatically, which is inconvenient

Although the percentage this situation occurs is not 100%, it’s still too annoying.

Another problem is: when I want to search something when Chrome is running, Listary opens a new Chrome tab, which is okay, but if my Chrome window is on another desktop - you know, Windows 10 support multi desktops - the Chrome window desktop stays not active and I get no signal that my command is executed until I manually switch to the desktop.

In short, what I want is just that Listary focus not the last focused but the new program’s window, unless I ensure it’s running silently on Listary’s settings page “keywords → Custom”.

Environment: Windows 10 x64 TH2 Education edition, version 10586 and Listary Pro 5.00.2177 .

Thank you very much for your feedback. I think I know the cause of this bug. It should be fixed in the next version.

Just to make sure, this only happens when you open commands from within Explorer, right? If so, I’ve just fixed it :slight_smile:


But I’m sorry I forget the situation in which this problem happens and fail to reproduce it. Very very sorry!

No problem at all! The new version containing the fix will be released soon. You can give it a try then.