Listary Service not Starting

Hi, I recently set up a new computer. I installed Listary Pro and registered it. I have been using for some time on my old computer without issue.

However, whenever my computer starts up, now I get the error dialog box saying the Listary service has not started.

I know I can simply click on the Listary icon on my desktop, but I cannot figure out how to get rid of this error box and have Listary start as part of my bootup procedure. I could not find an entry in Listary to have it startup when the computer starts.

Thank you

Try to reinstall first.

If it still doesn’t work, uninstall it and test the portable version instead:

I uninstalled Listary. I then downloaded, installed and registered Listary Pro.

I’m happy to say the error dialog box disappeared…however, instead now whenever I start my PC I get the dreaded UAC popup for ListaryService.exe.

Is there any way to prevent this popup specifically for Listary? I have many other services in Windows 10 starting, but this is the only popup UAC box I get as part of the startup process.

Thank you.

Uncheck the Run as administrator checkbox in the General option. Listary doesn’t need it.

That is already not checked.

The UAC popup means that Listary Service hasn’t been started yet when Listary starts, so Listary has to launch it manually.

Check Listary Service status in Service Manager, make sure its startup type is Automatic, and no other software (e.g. antivirus or optimization) is interfering.

And, now the error box is back again…:confused:

It’s OK, I just put Listary on my task bar and with not have it start with Windows.

Funny thing is I have been using Listary for over a year, but now when I try to install and use on a new computer, I get these issues.

Still love the program, and I don’t mind clicking on the task bar to start it.

Thank you for your responses and assistance.

If it’s set to autostart with admin privileges, Listary starts itself via Task Scheduler, generally – it creates a task that’s set to run with the highest privileges, at login, precisely to avoid the UAC thing, as well as registering the Listary Service.

So the obvious question here is: are you running some sort of security software that tries to prevent programs from starting themselves in this way?

You might try uninstalling Listary with something like Revo or Geek Uninstaller – make sure everything’s cleaned out and gone, reboot, then reinstall.

I always use Revo Pro as I did in this case when I followed the instructions to uninstall and reinstall. Still I got the error box popup during startup. As I mentioned, I just went into Listary’s settings and turned off the option to start at bootup. I just put it on my task bar and start it as needed. The error box no longer appears.

Thank you,


PS. The only security software I am using is Windows Defender and firewall with default settings. Nothing else, although I do use an assortment of popup blockers (Ghostery, U-Block, Adblock).