Listary search for open windows

I know this is a bit out of the scope of Listary as it exists right now, but it would be amazing to have Listary also search your open windows and set focus to them if you select it.

Listary makes me so much more productive, that now what takes me the most time is just finding the right window! (Specially when I have tons of explorer or visual sutido open).

I guess a point of reference would be FireFox’s url bar. When you start typing, it will not only show you recent urls and favorites, but it will also match your search against the current open tabs, and switch to the tab if you select it.

This could totally be paid feature, and I would be fine with that :smile:

Listary 5 will add plugin support, and this feature would be a built-in plugin. Like Projects, you can assign a keyword to a plugin and then type the query. For example, if the keyword is “wd”, you can type wd visual to search for Visual Studio.

Oh man I can’t wait for it! Thanks!

Plugin Support will be awesome, is it going to be language agnostic or support non-compiled languages such as python, php or javascript?

Check out switcheroo. It lets you search through all open windows. Switcheroo also has a plugin for Wox - an open source launcher like Alfred for Windows with plugin support which can find here

Is there any news on progress of this particular feature? Would take it one step closer to being the only Ubuntu HUD alternative for Windows. ::

I’m still working on it. Also thanks for the information about HUD, it looks really cool.

No worries, good to hear.

On the topic of the Ubuntu HUD - it’s definitely worth having a tinker with if you’re looking for inspiration for future plugins, even if it’s a bit outside Listary’s current scope.

Having tried and failed to switch to (Ubuntu) Linux a number of times, the one thing I very sorely miss is the HUD’s ability to search through application’s menus.

Given the hot mess that UIs are these days - especially Acrobat DC, Office 2013 and later, to name a few - it would be a killer feature.

I very gladly paid for a pro subscription - something I rarely do - but I would do it three times over for that functionality.

I would also like to see this in action.