Listary remaining open after File Save/Open dialog used

Hi, I’m having a problem where Listary remains open after I’ve used a File Save/Open dialog box. For instance, in this screen shot of Chrome, I had just chosen to download a file. When I clicked the download link, the File Save dialog opened, and Listary AUTOMATICALLY opened underneath the dialog. When I chose where to download the file and closed the dialog, the Listary window remained open in the same place it was when the File Save dialog was there (underneath the bottom edge.). So, unless I’m missing something, two problems are occuring:

  1. Listary dialog is opening automatically when a File Save / Open dialog is opened (I don’t remember it doing this before…I think I’ve always had to begin typing or press CTRL twice to get it to appear)

  1. It won’t go away after the dialog is closed. I have to click into it and then press “Esc” to get it to go away.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

  1. The 1) problem isn’t a problem, cuz Listary has always been designed to work in this way.

  2. However, the Listary search box should disapear once the File Dialog is closed. Try unchecking Run as administrator in Options -> General, which usually should never be checked and can cause various problems.

  1. As @DiamondbacK mentioned, this is by design.
  2. That’s quite unusual. Did you close the dialog by selecting a file, clicking the cancel button, or pressing ESC? Can you always reproduce this bug?

thanks, @DiamondbacK and @Channing.

  1. I guess I never really noticed it automatically opened before. I guess I thought it worked like it does in File Manger, where you have to start to type for Listary to appear (unless you call for it by key combinatioN)

  2. Well, now it seems to functioning correctly, even though I was able to reproduce it 10x before posting this request. The File dialog box was closing automatically because I was choosing to download files. Now, whether I download or use the Cancel button, Listary is closing properly again.

Sorry to trouble you…I’ll reply again if the problem resurfaces.