Listary Pro features

no trial of Listary Pro exists, AFAIK. Nice way to make life “easier” for the Support department, I guess.

A few questions about Pro, if I may, pls:
-is there a way to disable the search box that appears under every openfile dialog window? (see attached screenshot)
-is there a way to disable the context menu being displayed when I RMB the search result? (see attached screenshot)
-do I understand correctly that unlike Listary Free, Listary Pro can nail my search using folder names? So for example if searching for FILENAME gives too many results, I just continue typing (after FILENAME) the words from the folder structure it should reside in (e.g. FILENAME SUBFOLDER ANOTHERSUBFOLDER) and Listary Pro will be able to find the file FOLDERX/SUBFOLDERXX/SUBFOLDER/ANOTHERSUBFOLDER/FILENAME?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

Thank you!