Listary pro 5

I saw channing speaking of Listary 5 a few days ago when Listary pro was on sale at Bitsdujour.

I wonder if he could give us some pointers of what to expect in Listary 5. Do we get custom Icon support for instance?

Hope you can clue us in of what to expect.

是啊,最近也没什么更新了,老大是不 是很尽忙啊。

Custom icon support has already been added for some time.

A major feature can be expected in Listary 5 is plugin support.

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Hi Channing,

Yes,i know but i mean with an icon menu so you can change the icon from a menu instead of searching for an icon on your drive. Like i suggested some time ago.
Hopefully editable as well, so we can put new icons in the selection menu.
Have a look at this picture:

Looking forward to see the new features in Listary pro 5!

What is the point? Users will always want to choose other icons than what is included

More convenient. You can choose icons from that menu or include most used icons in the menu, this way it’s easier to choose icons.

A competing product has it included and i must say that it works better then this solution.

What is the approximate release date of Listary Pro 5? Will we see at least the beta version soon?

Channing said 4 weeks ago it would be 2 weeks, so i guess development takes a little more then he anticipated.
It can’t be that long before the version 5 release. It might be that he’s busy implementing some new requested features and wants to finish those before the launch of version 5.

I’d rather have well implemented features in version 5 then a rushed version with a lot of bugs!

agree … but a beta would be nice to try, even if it’s buggy … just to check out the new features and figure out if listary is worth investing time and money in :smile:

Well, if you’re not convinced by now reading the rave reviews about listary, then you probably won’t need it. This is one of my indispensable! pieces of software that i use every day! And in time, it just gets better and better!