Listary Overrides Opus 'New Tab' Function

When searching for something in the Listary box its behavior is incorrect, considering it is ‘integrated’ with Directory Opus. I have all relevant settings to ‘open in new tab’ enabled.

Launch 1

Launch 2

Launch 3

But Listary doesn’t do that. It bulldozes the current tab (even when it’s in a ‘locked’ state) when I choose ‘open file location’ from the Listary search box. Please fix that.

I guess you need to add command line switches of Opus to the Listary Opus definition.
Without such switches, it will only work if Listary adds a very deep Opus integration.
Other file mangers have appropriate command line switches.

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I would try that if I could. I don’t see the area that I could configure command line switches.
For ‘open file location’ I would try: Dopus13beta/Go NEWTAB

General / Open folder with
Like I did for my Total Commander

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What do your parameters mean? They didn’t work for me.
The Opus internal command “go NEWTAB” didn’t work either.

They mean nothing for you in Opus.
It’s just an example where you may add Opus command line parameters.
For example
"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Go "%1"
So lookup what other command line parameters are available.