Listary opens .txt files with standard win. editor and not with the one(VIM) i set for this specific type(txt here)


I use Vim 8.0 as standard editor for .txt file extensions but if i press ctrl x2 and type any text file name lets say test1.txt Listery opens test1.txt in a standard windows editor and not in Vim.
I tried Notepad++ as standard editor for .txt extensions and it worked.
The only solution i found to open .txt files in Vim is to set an Action “Edit with Vim” to Ctrl+E for example, but it is annoying. I just want to open .txt files in Vim with the Enter key.
What i also noticed is if i am in the folder of my text file and just start typing(without this global ctrl x2 search) “test1.txt” it actually opens my text file in Vim !
So there is a problem only if i open my file from this (Ctrl x2)_global_search_mode.


Hi, how did you set Vim as the default .txt editor? Via right click menu, registry, or control panel?

changed it with right click menu, also tried control panel it was already set to vim, didn’t find anything helpful in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT / .txt
My reg .txt tree : OpenWithList>devenv.exe ,OpenWithProgids,PersisterHandler,ShellNew …
changed ItemName under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.txt >ShellNew from
didn’t help …

Thanks for the info. I’ll test it.

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