Listary on local machine captures hotkeys when working with full screen remote desktop connection


I have Listary installed on my host machine and on my virtual machine.
I connect to my virtual machine using Remote Destkop Connection (mstsc).

I’m using RDC in full screen mode.
When pressing Ctrl twice to open Listary. Listary opens on both, host and remote machine.
Can you make it so that Listary will NOT open on host machine if remote desktop connection widow has focus?

I know that this isn’t big issue for many but it is deal braking for me, so I’m reporting it.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’m considering adding a blacklist for Ctrl*2.

I can confirm this. Having the same issue.

Hi, 7 years later I’m running into the same issue. Any solution? I see in Listary 6.0 there is a disable ctrl*2 for full screen app and game option but it does not work on my Windows 11 + Remote Desktop app.