Listary no longer hooks into dialogue boxes as of version 6

hooking into services dialogue

As of Listary 6, Listary no longer hooks into windows anymore and autohighlights the typed selection.
If it’s possible to bring that back, that would be great.

It never had hooks into any Window but for Explorer and some other tools.
In version 6 it still works for me, highlighting and also showing the matching items while typing.
So nothing to bring back.
Maybe you have switched off that feature in the settings.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3085)
Listary Pro

Well I don’t know what to say then. Seems to be turned on, from what I’ve seen, is there something else i should turn on? Thanks in advance.

It’s not related to File Explorer, it’s related to List (syslistview32).

From version V6 onwards, we’re dropping support for List (syslistview32) to avoid stability problems, as it’s becoming less common in software.

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Fair. Is there a way to get it working with an updated method then?
@horst what settings do you use?

All Options for the File Explorer Integration are set.
Highlighting is not in the list but inside a Pop-up with all relevant entries.
So it works the same for Explorer and the other File managers I use
Total Commander and XYplorer…

Btw. your thread title is misleading.
Listary hooks perfect into Open/Save dialog boxes,.
but you are talking about highlighting while typing.

My mistake. I’ll try to change it then. The file highlighting is essential for me, that’s one of the defining features of listary. If it’s possible to make it work with later versions that would be great.

The explanations above says that it may not happen.
If Listary uses some OS modules their behavior can’t be changed.

I don’t see the problem, the Pop-up while typing shows all matching entries
highlights the matching parts of it., and the full list is still visible.

I’m not getting the pop-up either, are there some settings I should be doing?

Nothing I’m aware.
What is your OS and version ?
Its looks like this when I type in an Explorer window

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3296)
Everything (x64), Everything Toolbar 1.3.2
TC 11.03 x64 / x86
Listary Pro

@xinyi thanks for that update! I had syslistview32 enabled with ExplorerPatcher, when I turned it off, Listary started working again. Thank you very much!

@xinyi Well perhaps it’s possible set an option to enable the syslistview32 support for those who do want to use it and accept the risks.