Listary NEW search algorithm and engine demo (Windows/macOS)


The completely new Listary search engine is on its way! It supports full path fuzzy matching. If you use some IDEs or code editors like VS Code, you should be familiar with this. Now Listary brings it to your everyday life, and you can search for millions of files within 0.1 seconds :tada:

It would still take some time to migrate the stable Listary version to the new engine, so if you want to try it out, here is a simple demo.


macOS (Intel)


  1. Install
  2. Start and choose a folder to index
  3. Type to search

The default hotkey is Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Space. Close it via the tray/menu bar icon.

Known issues


This demo doesn’t use fast indexing and doesn’t monitor file changes.


This demo is not optimized for memory usage. The future stable release will use as little memory as Listary 5.


macOS version is unsigned, and indexing could block when there are some unloaded cloud drive files.


Awesome Channing! Can’t wait.

If I search for something like “path\file.txt” I would intuitive search for “path file”, which wouldn’t get any results, only “pathfile” would give results. Would it maybe be better to completely ignore spaces in the search?

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Why spend time developing this when Void Tool’s Everything is a pretty robust solution that is pretty well maintained by its author? So many other things could be integrated into Listary instead of having to bother coding / optimizing them all from scratch… So many other things that could be implanted into Listary that we’ve been waiting for the last several years seem more important to me.