Listary hangs when using Open File Location

Listary hangs when using the context menu option to ‘Open File Location’ of a shortcut file.

This ‘Open File Location’ context menu is not a 3rd party add on; it is a standard built-in feature of Windows that is added to the context menu of all shortcut files.

When I search for a program name in Listary search bar, it searches the Start Menu and shows the .lnk shortcut file in the search results. But if I choose ‘Open Folder’ action, it opens the folder of the shortcut link, not the folder of the application.

Therefore, if I want to go to application folder, I have to select ‘open folder location’ from the context menu of the shortcut, and that it when Listary hangs (for 30 to 40 seconds). If I right-click a shortcut menu in Explorer and select ‘open folder location’, the application’s folder will open instantly (with no delay at all).

I tried to add “Go to Application” folder to the Actions menu, but Listary does not let you add a Command to the Actions menu.

her the application’s folder will open instantly (using Total Commander)
but the Listary form is still displayed for some time.

Thanks for reporting the issue. It has already been fixed in Listary 6.