Listary doesn't work properly with EMCO UnLockIT installer

Hello again lol Sorry for all these questions and reports.

I’m just installing UnLockIT 3.0.4. When I have to choose folder to install it, Listary isn’t shown.

Win+S makes it appear, but it’s kinda below and to the right of the dialog. It’s interesting that Recent files isn’t shown. But when I click any folder, instead of the dialog moving to it, a new Windows Explorer window is opened.

Win7 Win64 SP1


This is very usual. You’re running the installer as administrator which makes it untouchable for Listary (running as normal user).


My account is in Admins group and I have UAC disabled. Should I do something to get it to run as admin?

Then there must be some other reasons… I’ll download the installer and test it.