Listary doesn't search in C:\

So I just installed Listary and I’m having some troubles with the app search feature. No matter what I try, Listary only shows some of the default Windows apps and not my installed apps. It seems like it doesn’t have access to the Program Files folder, since when I type the name of a program I’ve installed it doesn’t even find the relevant folder in the Program Files (searching for ‘chrome’ doesn’t show the app or the folder named chrome in Program Files). This happens when I’m running Listary as admin or normal user. Am I missing something? Do I have to explicitly allow Listary to access Windows folder somehow?

  1. Make sure you don’t change anything in Options - Index and Launch Apps.
  2. Can Listary find other files on your disk?
  3. Try if the portable version works:

Thanks for the reply. I noticed that Listary isn’t finding anything in C: (which is the main SSD with Windows installed) but it finds everything in D: (hence the title change). Both C: and D: are listed in Options - Index. Never removed anything from Launch Apps, but I just added C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) to see if it changes anything. It did not. Also, portable version behaves the same.

I suggest that you first try to scan for disk errors on C:, then click Options - Index - Force rebuild index.

And is BitLocker or something similar enabled on C:?

That did it. Thanks!