Listary doesn't always seek recently folders

List of recently folders contains path:"E:\Drivers\HP\LaserJet2300\x64":

Why Listary doesn’t find it?

Options “Search recent files and folders” is turn on.

Hi, Listary only searches folder/file names for history records. The folder should be there (maybe the top one) if you search for “x64”.

Could you add searching substring in recently folder’s path, if option “Fuzzy matching” is selected?

The history component will be completely redesigned in Listary 5. I’ll add this feature if it fits well in the new version.

I only want to add: few people remember exactly last folder.
In my example I remember exactly I was looking for driver and opened folder “driver” or “drivers”. It seems I was looking for drivers by Hewlett-Packard and could open folder “HP”.
These keywords could help me to find required recently opened folder.

The search path feature would be very helpful in this case. You can type driver\hp or hp driver\ directly.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work:

You offered to search the entire disk. But even if it worked my recently opened path could be in the middle or at the end of the results list.

First please update to the latest version of Listary:

You can then use search filters to limit the search to only folders by typing driver\hp folder:

Version: 4.23.1728
Search string gets longer and longer. :slight_smile:
After i’ve typed “driver\hp folder:” among the results I don’t see the result with whole recent path: “E:\Drivers\HP\LaserJet2300\x64”. I have to remember what folders was opened after drivers\hp. What to do If the path contains 20-30… folders?
If I remember only one folder name in the beginning or middle of the recent path and there are many folders with the same name on disks, adding “folder:” doesn’t help.

What are the hot keys to move to the beginning and end of the list of results? Home/End or CtrlHome/CtrlEnd don’t work.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I think the history path search may not work as expected in this case. Imagine you have a D:\Documents\Photos folder that you use very often. One day you want to open it, so you type photo, and all you get is something like this:
D:\Documents\Photos\2014\Cars D:\Documents\Photos\Pets\Cats\123 D:\Documents\Photos\2013\Business\People D:\Documents\Photos\2013\ ...

Maybe I can add a history: keyword to let Listary search only history records. But this will add more complexity. I need to think about this carefully.

I think I broke Home/End in an update accidentally :frowning: Currently you can use Page Up/Down to speed up scrolling.

What is wrong? I created a directory structure from your example and added folders in recent. It turns out it was excellent realized in version 3.51:

I could easily filter out the necessary folder:

Imho you added entire disk searching in version 4. It’s great! But you broke search in recent folders.

Listary 3 can only search the current folder (not even including subfolders!). So when you type photo in Listary 3, it’s almost certain that you’d like to search recent folders because you know that Listary can’t get you anywhere else (the folder search will usually give you only one search result).

Now Listary 4 supports searching the entire disk. So when a user types photo, he is expecting Listary to list all the photo folders on his disk like C:\Photos, C:\Users\Common\Photos and D:\Documents\Photos. Listing recent folders like Cars, 123, People and 2013 at the very top of search results of photo would be very confusing, I think.

However your screenshots do inspire me: bringing back the standalone “Recent” section may also be a solution. This solution will also add some complexity to Listary, so I’d like to think about it carefully.