Listary does not display its window and can't be run on startup

I’ve downloaded the latest Listary version (4.01.1175). Both portable and installer version requires to be run with an administrator’s privileges on my Windows 7. For my everyday work I don’t use administrator’s account, but anyway. It wouldn’t change much, but that’s probably the reason why I’ve got issues described below.

First of all, I coudn’t force Listary to run on startup. Secondly, after some time or just after an application start, Listary stops “responding”. The process is still running and I can access it via task bar or Win + S shortcut, but when I’m typing something within Windows Explorer, Listary’s window does not show up.

My question is, how can I run Listary as a normal user or get rid of these problems when running it with administrator’s privileges? Thanks for your help in advance. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that Listary 4 has to be run as administrator, and it will have some trouble if run with a normal user account. I’m working on a solution now, but the progress is pretty slow.

Hi, I was wondering if this is resolved?

On my Win10 laptop, I can’t seem to make Listary autostart, which makes it hard do use it for me on that laptop (using Listary hundreds a time a day on my main PC), especially since I can’t seem to remember it’s name in those moments where it doesn’t run and I REALLY QUICKLY need to start it :confused:

Anyway, is there a trick to make Listary autorun reliably on a plain normal Win10 installation?

Are you using the installer version of Listary?

Yes I think so. The exe is located here: “C:\Program Files\Listary\Listary.exe”

Make sure to not check “Run as administrator” in Listary Options.

Yes, this was already unchecked. I’ll keep observing and will report back.